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Board of Directors

Our Nation’s healthcare sector is experiencing a period of unprecedented challenge and our Board of Directors ensures that we stay on track. As vigilant business and community leaders, they provide expert fiduciary, philosophical, and strategic oversight to make certain that Banyan Health Systems lives up to its promise of transforming lives through excellence in integrated behavioral and primary health services.

This is always, at the very least, a matter of quality of life, and sometimes a matter of life or death. Our Board takes this promise and this public trust personally, with the deepest commitment to purpose.

Banyan Health Systems serves the community and is accessible to all consumers regardless of individual circumstance. Our Board is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and service with a watchful eye on value, on Banyan’s long term financial sustainability, and on guaranteeing excellence as a return on the public investment in our services.

This means ensuring the vitality, stability, impact, relevance, fiduciary quality, and adaptability of Banyan to the many changes occurring in the economy, in community need, in treatment efficacy, and in public policy, including the deep-seated changes coming about as a result of National healthcare reform.

  • Ralph Egues, Chair
    Cruz Fox, LLC

  • Jorge Fernandez, Vice Chair
    Jorge A. Fernandez Law

  • Sam Harte, Treasurer
    Philmoss & Company, Inc.

  • Lourdes Abadin, Secretary
    Estrada Hinojosa & Company, Inc.

  • Hon. Anitere Flores, Senator
    Florida Senate District 38

  • Carolyn Guerra
    TD Bank

  • Pierre Rutledge
    Miami-Dade School Board Administration

  • Stanley Beiley, Esq.
    Sacher, Zelman, Hartman, Paul, Beilry, Rolnick, PA

  • Carlos R. Fernandez-Guzman
    Pacific National Bank